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ISE Security Platform* Launches on 07/27/2021

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Your Security is Only as Good as That of Your Ecosystem’s Trusted Partners

Whether you are a global enterprise or a medium-sized business on your way up, every day you are faced with making the right security decisions that help you achieve your corporate mission. In today’s world, it goes without saying that third-party vendors play a significant role when it comes to building the right tech stack for your business.

However, deciding which third-party vendors you can trust to be a part of that ecosystem can make or break business security.

Each time a new partner is added to your trusted ecosystem, it changes your company's attack profile. Meaning that if a third-party vendor, supplier, or system is incorporated into your ecosystem, and that vendor has a security vulnerability, your company now has a vulnerability it never had before.

A Better Way to Find, Assess, and Manage Vendors in Your Ecosystem 

When evaluating a new vendor, supplier, or system, how do you know it is “safe” for them to enter into your business environment without creating a security risk? Oftentimes, there is just one person at a company in charge of identifying, assessing, and managing the security risks of what could be thousands of third-party partners within the ecosystem.

And surprisingly, this one person making the biggest, most consequential security decisions is often leveraging very manual, siloed, static systems to manage and document potential security vulnerabilities within a never-ending sea of data that changes like the tide.

But what if there was a way to simplify and automate? What if there was a way to make sure that the right data was being viewed at the right place, and the right time?

ISE Security Platform: Unsurpassed Security Visibility for Corporate Ecosystems

Break free from the manual processes that hide security risks within your business ecosystem. The ISE Security Platform is the first of its kind, providing the visibility that corporations need to ensure the right data has been analyzed to make the right decisions that reduce the risk of security breaches through third-party partners.

With the ISE Security Platform:

  • Simplify the process of identifying and assessing the security risk of implementing vendors, suppliers, or systems to your business ecosystem.
  • Automate the management of the third-party vendors within your tech stack and their current security posture. 
  • Increase visibility into potential security risks/breaches before they happen.
  • Deliver with confidence that a third-party solution can be trusted to live within a business’s ecosystem.
  • Protect your business and your company data and assets from unintended security breaches due to attacks originating through third parties.

For Security and Risk Management Leaders

Can this third-party solution be trusted to enter my company’s ecosystem? It’s a question security leaders hear resoundingly, but one with no simple answer until now. For industries that rely on large ecosystems of third-party vendors, like the media and entertainment industry, the wrong choice could put all parties involved at great risk. With the ISE Security Platform, you can make confident decisions about potential vendors, suppliers, and systems with up-to-date security profiles that culminate the right data to help those who need to make the toughest decisions, make the right decisions.

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For the Business Unit

As an executive, you receive recommendations from your most trusted department leaders on the vendors, suppliers, and systems that will best aid business operations. With the ISE Security Platform, top-level executives can ensure that the right information has been assessed, removing the darkness that looms when the potential for wrong decisions can have big career consequences. Know that the right data was used to make the decisions that will protect the security of your trusted business ecosystem.

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For the Auditor

As an auditor of information security, the ISE Security Platform provides real-time data in one centralized location that helps you assess the security posture of third-party solutions providers. Streamline the auditing process knowing that you have the right data at your fingertips to make the best decisions for your enterprise.

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Our product delivers a real-world solution to help manage the cumbersome and manual process of assessing security threats to your ecosystem from breaches in third-party technologies. Sign up to stay up-to-date on product launch news and how your business can make better decisions today and in the future.